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Why Choose a Scented Water?


Why Choose a Scented Water?

“The fragrance is a powerful wizard who takes you through thousands of miles and through all the years you’ve lived” – said the famous American writer Helen Keller.

Oh, yes! How much we just enjoy the scents! Fine, gentle, and strong enough to send our message.

Psychologists say that fragrances are one of the few symbols to be remembered, even more than some visual stimulation. We try to always choose them according to the occasion or at the time of the day. However, we should choose them at the time of year.

The spring sun suggests an exciting summer. Swarthy, sunny and fragrant. Namely, the flying skin does not tolerate heavy and too many perfumes. For light, fragrant enjoyments throughout the day we choose the famous scented waters.

Their role is not only smell but also refreshment and hydration. We shower the body with this fragrant scalp from head to toe because we feel fragrant and safe throughout the day.

Always choose non-photosensitive scented water because it can be used even on the beach and in the sun. In the last few years scented water has become an indispensable part of the beauty of every woman’s purse. Their price is more favorable than perfumes and will give you the pleasure you will be delighted to enjoy throughout the summer, even in the winter, because in its fragrance notes you will enjoy the pleasure of the sun and the sea, and the touch of the sand beaches.

Irresistible tricks for enjoying the scented waters

  • Cold scented water for complete enjoyment

Cool your fragrant jar in the fridge 20 times before applying it. This will be a perfectly pleasant application of cold scented water on the hot body.

  • Have you seen a soul in the distance?

The scent of water for the body is a very practical and seductive detail that will leave no one indifferent. Their scent notes will tingle your man, and make you perfectly full of the sea siren.

  • Apply the scented water right here

Make a real fragrant nebula by spraying the air and passing through it. Bring a stroke behind your ear, in your hair, on the neck, on your wrists, back and behind your knees.

  • Do not rub the joint with your wrist

There is no need to rub your joints with your perfume. This will not make the smells become stronger, but quite the opposite.

  • Keep smells adequate

Avoid keeping scented water in the bathroom, as well as in warm places and under the light. Make sure that when you buy them in pharmacies or perfumes, they do not stand under the direct light of the neon lights.

  • Dry skin – the impermanence of perfume

Is your skin extremely dry? Believe it, no odors will stay on it for a long time. In addition to giving scented water a certain hydration of the body, the super trick is to apply dry oil to the skin and apply a scented water over it. Now its longevity is even bigger and stronger!

  • Test the scent

When choosing a scented water, apply it on the wrist of the hand or inside of the arm. There is a skin thinnest, and you will have the right impression that this scent is adequate as your choice. And also, if there are any allergic reactions, this part of the skin will show up on this skin.

We are looking forward to the summer as early as March when the first leaves are green, and nature wakes. And our feelings and memories will be over the course of the whole year in irresistible NUXE fragrances in which we live in the moonlight days. And memories? We carry them even in winter, sun, warm touches and sand bathing.

A calming experience that fascinates all senses

NUXE Body Relaxing scented water, 100 ml

The Secret of Attraction of NUXE Body Scent Converted to the Relaxing Smelling Guided Subtle Harmony of Refreshing Notes of Coconut Sorbet, framed with a flower bouquet of white orange and almond flowers, with the discovery of sensual touches of musk and wild vanilla.

Aromatic notes of the new yard water reveal an extremely fresh sensation of the spring morning and relaxation, recalling the pleasant moments of childhood.

By providing an enchanting final touch to the ritual of body care, it extends the sense of pleasure and represents a new approach in natural scent rituals, while its attractiveness lies in a carefully balanced simplicity and subtle effect.

There is no risk that you can apply too much: the fragrance will always remain gentle and appealing, and your skin is soft and silky.

The gentle packaging in a glossy glass bottle (100 ml) allows you to apply and enjoy the Relaxing Scented Guide at any time, for a sensual final touch.

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