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Top 3 Pilates Exercises for Toned Buttocks


Top 3 Pilates Exercises for Toned Buttocks

Pilates, as a form of exercise, has become very widespread throughout the world. And not without reason – although many describe them as static, this does not mean that these exercises are not effective enough. On the contrary, they are classified as strength exercises, which strengthen our muscles but also shape our body, giving it a fine definition. Of course, for each muscle group, a certain type of exercise is practiced.

And when shaping the buttocks, the next 3 Pilates exercises are the most effective. You can work them alone at home, at the gym, or as part of your training outside, you do not even need a pilates ball, and you’ll find out all the details below.

So, from the equipment, you will only need the backing that you normally practice. Perform each of these exercises in 3 series. You can work them separately, or as part of a more comprehensive training.

Exercise number 1 for toned butts

Lie on the backing/stomach with a stomach, with a head rolled downwards over the folded arms in the elbows, and legs stretched and joined in the thighs. From this position, you bend the legs in your knees as in the upper photo, and you lift your legs upwards as high as possible, but you will remain on the floor with the pelvis.

Hold in this position for a few seconds, then stretch your legs without lowering the thigh to the floor, also briefly hold, and then return to the starting position. All this counts as one repetition, and you are doing a total of 15.

Exercise number 2 for toned butts

You stay on the floor, but you turn on your back, bend your knees in the knees with the backrest, the thighs also merged. Now from this position, you will climb the hill high above, so that you form a bridge. Then from this position lift one leg from the floor and straighten it up, hold for a few seconds, go back and do the same with the other.

All this counts as one, and you work from 10 to 15 reps. Increase gradually.

Exercise number 3 for toned butts

At the last exercise, you get up from the floor, you do not need a matte, lean back against the wall, and go down to the squat so that the thighs are parallels with the floor, as in the sitting position. Hands are stretched out for balance.

From this position, lift one foot from the floor, ie, fix it in your knees, hold in this position for a few seconds, return, and repeat the same with your other leg.

Do a total of 10 to 15 reps.

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