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The Color that Replaced Millennial Pink on the Fashion Scene!


The Color that Replaced Millennial Pink on the Fashion Scene!

If we try to make a fashion retrospective in terms of colors that are current and which dominate not only on catwalks but also as part of city fashion, it seems to us that pastel varieties of pink, more precisely millennial pink colors, have for a long time been an absolute imperative on the fashion scene. Gentle, subtle, feminine, this color was undoubtedly the favorite in the dress combinations of many. Still, things seem to change over that issue, and we were all surprised at what color was found on the throne.

Below, see what color has replaced millennial pink on the fashion scene, and whose nuances have mastered the dress combinations of fashion bloggers!

Green Variant

If you thought it was still some feminine cyclamen, or even coral color, each of which would fit into warm summer days. Things stand a little different.

The color that has been pervading the fashion scene in the last few weeks is a neon green variant or something like a color that is between the color of lemon and lime.

Of course, Instagram’s fashion blogging profiles are already in the sign of these shades!

Yellow bag and a violet sandal

Thus, blogger Monling Lee walked out a set consisting of a midi skirt and a shortcut cannon. She put it all together with a yellow bag and a violet sandal. We have to admit that this fashion combination is very nice, as well as that this shade of green screams how impressive it is. It seems like it’s been 5 minutes for lovers of gentle neon colors.

However, the actual green was not only satisfied with the gentle lemon-lime variant but also included other nuances in its fashion repertoire. One of them is a mint green, in combination with a floral print, which definitely promises when the fashion combinations are in question!

So these pants in combination with the “oversized” blouse look very attractive, especially with the addition of yellow sandals and bags in the same shade.

And finally, another fashion combination with attractive green, which we especially liked, which can be an inspiration to all of you who want to join this current wave when the most popular color on the fashion scene in question.

A lazy green dress with cycling shoes looks fantastic!

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