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Neon Dash Eyeliner Makeup | A Cool Makeup Style that Seems As the Techno Party?


Neon Dash Eyeliner | Makeup Techno Trend

Do you like when ambient attention is focused only on you? If your answer is yes then you need to see this trend 🙂

You liked the “Siren” make-up and swallow without filling? This trend is equally interesting, and even … even more impressive. The last time Instagram conquers neon dash. This is not a joke – radiant swallow installment in 3D enthused internet users, who will be happy to reproduce it on their eyelids and to perpetuate the spectacular selfie. And the best part is that the makeup does not require the use of neon eyeliner.

How to draw a neon dash? Everything is based on the play of colors – make-up artists toured this trend using white or silver eyeliner, which compiles with bright, intense color (most often appear purple and blue), which form the tonal shift with the shadows. The resulting contrast makes the dash gets effect “flue” – Take a look at our gallery and see the photos that speak louder than any words.

Neon stroke often occurs in a duet with Smokey eye (by the way, we encourage you to check how to do the “smoky eye” without … eye shadow), and although for some it can be associated with the event in the style of techno, in our opinion have not been so impressive trend. Worth trying – even just for the fun! 🙂
What do you think about neon dash? Did you try this trend?

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Neon Dash Eyeliner Makeup Techno Trend 01

Photo source Main: Instagram

Neon dash eyeliner – a new trend

Neon Dash Eyeliner Makeup Techno Trend 02

Flue yellow line in combination with a dark Smokey eye – is impressive, right? 🙂

The double neon line in two colors? Why not!

Neon Dash Eyeliner Makeup Techno Trend 03

The neon line may appear not only on the eye

Neon Dash Eyeliner Makeup Techno Trend 04

In this case also established itself in a rather unconventional release, on the lips.

Neon Dash Eyeliner Makeup Techno Trend 05

In this photo we see something more than just neon dash – color clearly refers to #unicornmakeup.

Neon Dash Eyeliner Makeup Techno Trend 06

This makeup eye-catcher – you can argue that simply “gives the eyes” 🙂

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