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My Top 5 Cosmetics for Face Care | Check This Great List


Top 5 Cosmetics for Face Care

From time to time I get emails asking you to command a good cream or other cosmetics for face care. Makes me very happy that you put in me a kind of confidence, but I’m not a beautician, nor am I able to determine what works for someone else’s skin.  I can, however, write what has worked for me and so today I wanted to make. I decided to present you my beauty favorites – today I wanted to focus on the face (cosmetics for face care) and show you 5 beauty products that I think are worth recommending.

My Top 5 Cosmetics for Face Care Check This Great List 01
Let’s start with my skin. My complexion is not easy I would describe it as mixed. Zone T likes to shine and I have a problem with excessive sebum secretion (especially when it’s hot), which ends with the occasional surprises. On the other hand, on the nose like to appear dry skins, which particularly work on my nerves. I must also add that the sleepless nights, unfortunately, reflect on my appearance – skin is often gray, devoid of glamor and prone to “crease”.

Which cosmetics for face care worked for me best?

Collagen NTC for Face Care

My Top 5 Cosmetics for Face Care Check This Great List 02

If only you can do, I recommend the Collagen NTC (Price is $50). I know that the price for some is prohibitive, but you may want to consider this purchase? I use this product for several months now and I can see a significant difference in the appearance of my skin is taut, well moisturized, and color aligned.

My Top 5 Cosmetics for Face Care Check This Great List 07

Small crow’s feet have also become less visible, and even dry skin managed to tame. It should be noted, however, that it is important how the application of collagen, and do not always have the time to devote five minutes for a massage. And even if time would have found, it is often the case, that evening I am so stimulus that I no longer have to do anything really fancy. For this reason, at the beginning, by OK. 3 weeks, I collagen once a day, and now you a couple of days for the hold. Thanks to this product last me longer and longer I am happy effects.

SENSILIS, Pure Perfection, Pore of Refiner Anti aging Serum (serum reducing pores to prevent aging of the skin)

My Top 5 Cosmetics for Face Care Check This Great List 08
Sensilis – Another product that should not be the cheapest packaging 30 ml costs about $30. I mention it because with it in a very quick way I got rid of enlarged pores, which for a long time, to no avail, I was fighting. Actually, the week effect was already visible, what has not assured me another product of this type. After using this serum skin instantly becomes smooth, as if covered with the sea, but at the same time not “swamped” or “sealed up”. However, due to the high cost (and I also look forward to every penny) also I use it every few days.

BARWA Siarkowa Cosmetics for Face Care – Sulfur Cream Power

My Top 5 Cosmetics for Face Care Check This Great List 03
Now something for daily care, to which anyone can afford. A miracle costs around $4, but it’s hard to get them at least in my city, I had a big problem. And now about the advantages: immediate and long-term leaves, but by the way does not dry out (I do not recommend, however, connecting it with none, because then the skin reacts with dryness). Already after a few days of use, my skin started to look better and better – eczema disappeared and not new. Short says: as for me, Barwa the perfect cream – I love to return again and again! I understand very well why the title KWC.

SYLVECO Cosmetics for Face Care – Soothing eye cream

My Top 5 Cosmetics for Face Care Check This Great List 05

Unfortunately, the night waking up hard gave me a toll-I was already quite blue, eyes dark circles… Costs around $6, I would have expected that the cream though a bit will help me with this and was not disappointed. Most lay my hands a thicker layer of cream on the night. Already after the first use I noticed moisturize the eye, much less puffy eyes, and the skin seemed brighter, radiant. Sylveco with regular use, even wrinkles become less noticeable (I have many of them, but they are). I am now at the stage of the purchase again!

BALMI, Lotion in the cube

My Top 5 Cosmetics for Face Care Check This Great List 06

To be honest I can’t even remember how he ended up in me, however, for a long time, I thought it to be an unnecessary gadget, which probably is not worth even a buck ($4). Since, however, lay in my cosmetic, until the injury was it not check out. And here’s a shock. Lip balm quickly moisturizes lips but most importantly it is not instantaneous moisture. Dry, rough lips almost instantly become soft, smooth and delicate. Once I used it also in a way that is a little unusual. I remember that I had a terrible cold, and what then becomes the skin around the nose. Not only that, not nice it looked, I felt very comfortable. At hand had nothing that could help me. At first, I thought of Vaseline, which secured a bit of skin, but in a nearby store, just no. Long are supposed, I reached after BALMI, I took a little on your finger, smeared irritated places a thicker layer, and went to sleep. Interestingly, the day after the irritations there was no trace. Nothing! It does not cost much, and for me, there is no comparison to the others.

These are my favorites. I also wonder of your best cosmetics for face care. Feel free to share your types 🙂



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