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Japanese Facial Massage “Asahi” will Relieve Wrinkles and Swellings for 5 Minutes a Day


Japanese Facial Massage “Asahi” will Relieve Wrinkles and Swellings for 5 Minutes a Day

Japanese massage “Asahi” is popular all over the world. Acting on the area of lymph nodes, it eliminates swelling and some age-related changes on the face. Video with this technique has gained more than 8 million views, and even such models with a worldwide reputation as Natalia Vodianova, do not hide the fact that they use the elements of such a massage in their daily face care.

The massage of Asahi’s, which in a couple of weeks will noticeably smooth out the wrinkles and save you from the bags under your eyes.

Rules for the Implementation

Massage is contraindicated in diseases of the lymphatic system, rashes and damage to the skin, as well as colds and flu.
Before starting the procedure, cleanse the face, hands better treated with antiseptic. To reduce friction with the skin, use natural oil or cream.
During massage movements, you should feel the pressure of your fingers, but do not feel discomfort at the same time. Near the ears, under the jaw, on the neck (where the lymph nodes are located), the pressure should be weakened.
Each massage movement is recommended to be repeated 3 times, on problem areas – 4-5. It is most effective to do Asahi every day at the same time.

Basic movement

*Press the fingers of both hands just below the temples, closer to the upper edge of the ears (Fig. 1).

*Lightly press down with your fingertips to the clavicles (Fig. 2).

With this movement, we activate the outflow of lymph. Repeat it 3 times at the beginning of Asahi and finish each subsequent massage movement with it.

The area around the eye

Use the pads of your middle fingers to press against the outer corners of your eyes, gently guide the lower eyelid to the inner corners while maintaining pressure.

*Take a short pause and move your fingers up, drawing an arc under the eyebrows, and return to the outer corners of the eyes (Fig. 1).

*From the outer corners again, slide your fingers to the inner corners (Fig. ).


Press the pads of your index, middle, and ring fingers against the center of your forehead (Fig. 1).
Zigzag movements move from the center of the forehead to the temporal areas.

The area around the lips

On this part of the massage, you need to repeat each step 3-4 times, and then perform the basic movement:

*Press the pads of three fingers on the center of the chin and draw the semicircles to the upper lip (Figure 1).

*Press the pads of the middle fingers near the wings of the nose and draw the semicircles to the back of the nose and back (Figure 2).

*Pass from the back of the nose to the cheeks and back (Figure 3).

Nasolabial folds

*Push three fingers on the center of the chin, as at the beginning of the previous movement.
Move your hands to the inner corners of the eyes, skirting the lips (Fig. 1). Keep the pressure on.

*From the corners of the eyes, lead to the temples (Figure 2).

Oval face

With your left palm, press the jaw on the left side.

*Move your right hand from the right outer edge of the jaw to a point just below the inner corner of the eye (Fig. 1).

*From the outer corner of the eye, move to the temple and perform a basic movement with only one hand on the right side (Fig. 2).

Press the right hand on the jaw to the right, and with your left hand and repeat the complex on the left side of the face.


*Push three fingers on both sides of the nose (Figure 1).

*Swipe along the cheekbones towards the temples (Figure 2).

*Keep the wrists apart, spread apart the palms apart (Figure 1).

*Push the palm pads to your chin and lips, lifting your cheeks (Figure 2).

*Move with the palm pads along the line of the cheekbones to the ears (Figure 3).


The position of the hands is the same as at the beginning of the previous movement.

*Place the pads of the palms on your chin, slightly bending your head (Figure 1).

*Swipe the palms of the palms along the lower jaw to the earlobes (Figure 2).


The thumbs are under the chin, the rest are built by the little house at the back of the nose.
Leaving your thumbs in place, sweep the rest from the nose to your temples, pulling on the skin a little (Figure 2).


It is very important to follow the technique of the massage, for this strictly follow the instructions and follow your feelings. The effect of properly performed and regular massage will not take long, because it’s not for nothing that it is called “Facial massage minus 10 years”.

Did you ever massage a face or lymphatic drainage, or maybe you already mastered the technique of Asahi?

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