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How to Make Make-Up for Your Evening Meal?


How to Make Make-Up for Your Evening Meal?

It is time for prom dresses, and after choosing a dress and all those little things that make up the perfect fashion look for the prom night, the line comes to makeup. When you have a dress, adjust it and makeup. In this post, we advise you to make a make-up for a prom night, with the most prestigious drug brand: essence!

To highlight what is most beautiful on the face, you need a high-quality and adequate make-up and fixer, because you do not want to make your make-up “melted” before you reach the place of celebration. It is also important that you choose a look that you can easily maintain during the evening, without having to go to the toilet, but also to highlight what is on your face most beautiful.

Let’s get what Essence must – have the products that you need to have in your purse for the perfect fit for a prom dress:

Stay All Day 16h long-term liquid powder

Long-lasting powder provides a gentle and silky ten day. Its delicate texture allows a simple and even application.

Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer

Long lasting and highly pigmented liquid – creamy texture reliably covers dark rings under the eyes and other skin irregularities. It provides a natural, totally awake look that we need on that day.

Glow To Go highlighter pallets

A luminous and sunny look on the face, body, neckline, and shoulders is easy to achieve with this palette, which contains two highlighter light and pink – golden shades, as well as two bronzer shades that can be applied individually or in combination.

All About Matt! fixing compact powder

The product is applied over the base to matte the skin and fix makeup. It’s ideal for a matte, natural and smooth finish that will ensure you look fresh in your photos.

Eyeshadow Box of palette shadows

Tell your eyes about the pink love story in the Happily Ever After.

I Love Extreme Volume waterproof mascara

For even more volumes! Deep, black creamy texture covers each individual eyelash with color, and a large plastic brush provides a sensational volume.

Ultra Last Instant Color lipstick

This lipstick in the shade of Eternal Beauty will give you a feeling on your lips as a feather and be kissing long in the night.

Gel nail polish

With this lacquer, you will experience long-lasting love on your nails with the shade of Our Sweetest Day.

And in the end, do not forget the most important thing, that is, you’ve got what you wanted and you feel good with make-up.

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