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Find out Why Cellulite Pits on Certain Parts of the Body


Find out Why Cellulite Pits on Certain Parts of the Body

If you have cellulite on your stomach, toes or hands, know that you are not alone, even if you are skinny. But why does it only appear on certain parts of the body?

Cellulite has nothing to do with obesity and some body parts are more likely to be present.

It is estimated that 90% of women have cellulite at some point in their life. A good vest is that you can permanently remove cellulite or reduce its appearance, no matter where it is on your body. Let’s see why cellulite is present on certain parts of the body and what you can do to eliminate it completely.

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Cellulite in the Upper Part of the Stomach Area

Find out why cellulite pits on certain parts of the body 01

The main problem in the formation of cellulite on the stomach is not entirely the result of poor circulation, but it is an abnormally excessive accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity, often between the organs of the stomach. In addition, visceral fat, which is on the stomach, is closely related to liver problems. When the liver function is compromised, the body can hardly detoxify.

It simply means that even if you remove fatty molecules from the subcutaneous tissue, the body will not be able to effectively treat them due to liver problems. This only shows that abdominal fat is a completely different set of problems when the development of cellulite is in question.
In short, cellulite appears on the stomach due to the inherent nature of the stomach as a regional fatty tissue depot.

What makes this problem more difficult is fat storage inside the abdominal cavity that provides a constant source of fat accumulating in the subcutaneous layer. In addition, increasing fat in the abdominal cavity affects the overall function of liver detoxification. Therefore, toxins remain untreated in subcutaneous fat deposits.

Yet there is a solution when cellulite on your stomach is your problem. First of all, it is about nutrition and massage. It is important to understand that massage can have an effect, but focus on the stomach should be more focused on reducing visceral fat.

Mechanical massage, connective tissue manipulation, and manual lymphatic drainage produce a significant reduction in the appearance of crustal orange around the stomach. Increased protein and fiber intake may significantly lead to decreased visceral fat.

Actually, adding more protein, fruits, and vegetables to your diet is not only good for general health but is also an excellent way to reduce the amount of fat inside the stomach wall.

Reducing visceral fat improves liver function and decreases the source of additional fat on subcutaneous tissue. When the liver function is restored, the body becomes more efficient in the sense of detoxification. Exercise can help reduce fatty tissue. Practice exercises for the stomach, especially the abdomen.

Cellulite on your Hands

If you eat processed or fast food, it can affect the buildup of cellulite in your hands, whether you are skinny or have excess weight.

The processed food is filled with sugar, fat, and sodium and all this directly affects the accumulation of fat, not only on the hands but on other parts of the body. Unwanted food also destroys skin health, worsening the appearance of cellulite in the hands. Eat less processed foods and increase the intake of unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Avoiding sweet drinks can also be beneficial to you.

Not only will you change your diet to release cellulite on your hands, in this way you will fight inflammation and reduce fat. You have to lose fat even if you are skinny. Although you should be careful here, there should not be a huge calorie deficit, as this may cause a loss of muscle mass.

Another bad habit can affect the appearance of cellulite on the hands, which is smoking. Smoking causes poor blood circulation, which increases the chances of developing cellulite in the hands. Second, smoking breaks collagen formation, weakens skin and makes fat below the skin more visible.

There are exercises you can apply when it comes to cellulite in your hands. They can help you in a quick and easy way to solve these unfriendly phenomena.

Intake of larger amounts of water will eliminate fluid retention and release toxins from the body. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Fluid intake is beneficial not only in cellulite in hands but in cellulite, in general.

Cellulite on Legs and Feet

Buttocks and legs are often affected by cellulite. If your job is related to a long time sitting in the chair during working hours, this is one of the factors that directly affect the appearance of cellulite on the legs. That does not mean, however, that you are convicted of cellulite. If you often stand and if you are active in the office you can prevent poor circulation. You can even use tricks to burn more calories while you’re at the table. Try to stand or even get up and walk.

Additionally, if it is an essential ingredient in your diet, it can make cellulite on the bars even more visible. Excessive salt intake causes water retention, which directly affects the appearance of cellulite. So, avoid too many salty meals.

Women with unbalanced hormones and lower levels of estrogen have higher chances of developing cellulite on the legs. A decline in estrogen levels leads to reduced collagen production and poor blood circulation. This can cause cellulite to appear in all parts of the body.

If you drink too much alcohol and smoke just aggravate your condition. Alcohol is bad for cellulite because it causes dehydration and reduces the function of various organs.

Certain body parts are genetically programmed to preserve certain types of fatty cells. The number of these fatty cells increases, all the way to the teenage years. In addition, adipocytes contain too little water and collagen.
Cellulite usually appears on the feet due to the size of fatty cells, adipocytes, contained in them, compared to other parts of the body.

When collagen binding tissues break, adipocyte passes a similar structural change, often grow in size and morphology in a process known as hypertrophy. Also, accumulation of toxins and fluid retention can affect the development of cellulite on the feet. The behavior and habits of most women who keep their legs covered while the seat can affect the flow of blood and lymph in the legs and throats.

In short, cellulite often appears on the buttocks and legs because the fat deposits are structured differently in comparison to other parts of the body. These adipocytes pass through the fibrosis because of poor blood and lymph circulation in the shank and legs. This leads to an abnormal accumulation of fluid and toxins.

The main problem of cellulite on the buttocks and legs is closely related to poor circulation, both blood, and lymph. This creates an accumulation of liquid and toxic waste, leading to changes in the connective tissues. Elimination of cellulite on the buttocks and legs must be directed to the management of these changes in circulatory and adipocyte hypertrophy.

There is a large number of treatments and anti-cellulite massage that provide the best results just in the cellulite on the feet. You can work them in a cosmetic salon or at home, using a roller or a massage therapist, using oils.

Cellulite on the Back

Just like height, the color of the skin and eyes, bone structure is determined by genetics, so genetics also affect the appearance of cellulite on the back or anywhere on the body. You will have a greater chance of having cellulite if your mother or grandmother has cellulite, whether you are skinny or obese.

Just because someone has no cellulite on the back now does not mean that he will not have it in the future. Cellulite may appear at any time of your life. However, women in menopause are more prone to increased amounts of fat and muscle loss.

Another thing directly affects the appearance of cellulite on the back, which is dehydration. When you are dehydrated, the body keeps excess water and as a result, cellulite becomes visible.

Keep in mind that when you feel thirsty, you have already dehydrated.

So do not wait for that moment, but drink water often during the day. Fruits with high water content will benefit you. If you are wearing a rigid and narrow dress, it affects poor blood circulation, which is not good for people with cellulite on the back. Avoid wearing tight clothes every day. In order to eliminate cellulite on the back, massage can be useful. They facilitate removal of toxins, as well as degradation of fatty cells or adipocytes. This leads to a reduction in the overall size of the fatty cells which leads to a decrease in the appearance of the orange bark.

Stress management can also be helpful. This is because of one of the stress hormones called cortisol. This hormone influences the retention of fluids that can significantly increase the size of fat tissue. Try to relax with meditation or yoga, learn to control stress.

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