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Essence Varnishes Bring The Summer!


Essence Varnishes Bring The Summer!

Every year with warmer days we open a season of bright “statement” manicures on nails. Playful summer days filled with a multitude of events give us the opportunity to show the bright colors that we usually avoid during wintertime on our nails.

Perfect nails can now be easily made thanks to the new ultra-fine pigment technology because essence gel lacquers offer an even more intense, longer-lasting color combined with perfect overlap.

Essence Varnishes

A special formula for nail polish provides your nails with a high gloss finish with a gel finish. Longevity, affordable accessibility, wide range of colors, popular quick & easy brush and well-known cool essence design cause too much in almost every cosmetic bag to find at least one essence lacquer. Combined with essence base lacquer and essence “top coat”, it’s easy to achieve lightweight results: the durability of the nail polish is extended, the shine is more intense, and the nail polish is protected.

We bring essence shades that will fit perfectly with all your clothing combinations during the summer days. You can choose to wear nails in bright shades or, however, a subtle pastel color that will look very trendy.

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