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DIY Ideas | Improve the Look of the Old Blouse


DIY Ideas | Improve the Look of the Old Blouse

How to improve the look of the blouse that takes your places in the closet for a long time and which seems too common …

And just because you wanted to throw it, your idea came through your head that you might need something for some time, you might need it. And that day came. It’s good that you did not throw it away, because you would lose the ability to make something unique and interesting.

Today, we present you a mini-tutorial, how to make something of an ordinary, monotonous blouse something you want to wear every day.

You need:

– Blouse
– Pullover
– scissors
– an old shirt or long strips of some material like a grid


If you do not have any long strips, from some of the t-shirts or colorful materials that you have ever cut, you can use some old t-shirt that you can cut into such long strips. They should be long enough – about 3 to 4 of their length.

Cut out the collar, making it from a classic head hole, a slightly larger and more casual cut. Mark the first line through which you will drag the tapes. Do not cut your ropes from one, but one by one. Make fewer holes, big enough to just tape, but make sure you do not overdo it. Have a distance of about 1.5 centimeters, but you can make as much space as you want.

Start by “knitting” the tape – first going out, then inward and dragging them through the holes until you reach the end of the blouse. If you’ve started the first line from the outside, then the other way around is to create a “chessboard” design. Make the template you want, you can do as it is on the picture or make your own unique.

When you finish pulling the tape, pull out the t-shirt and tie the ends of all tape. You finished making your shirt!

You can wear such a shirt everywhere, from work (if it allows you to dress clothes) to a coffee shop, college or when you go for a walk. It looks really funny and comfortable …

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