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Cool 6 Night Edition Short Bob Hairstyles


How to style short hair for a great night out? Glamorous short hairstyle knocked out, but that does not mean that you are doomed to boredom. Here are 6 evening variants of Bob hairstyles, which can easily lay out for yourself!

Short bob hairstyles for evening

Cool 6 Night Edition Short Bob Hairstyles 01

Bob style is a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. And does not necessarily always look the same! Depending on your fantasy can be elegant and classic, but also sensual, lustful, or in the style of rock. As I stylize the big exit tells Philip Galas (hairdresser). Here are 6 easy to make bob hairstyles that you can easily do the same!

Sensual mess bob hairstyles

Cool 6 Night Edition Short Bob Hairstyles 02

Strongly reflected from a root, wavy hair in a sexy mess make features appear. This modern version of Marilyn Monroe hairstyles.

Styling: Grab a section of hair, lift them high and spray liberally. Then spin them on a thick curling iron. Ready the waves comb fingers to create the effect of the controlled clutter and make parted on the side of the head. At the base of the slide a little dry shampoo, this will increase the volume of hair.

Lustful simplicity bob hairstyles

Cool 6 Night Edition Short Bob Hairstyles 03

A very modern version of bob hairstyle created for women with symmetrical features of the face. Bangs makes you look becomes clearer.

Styling: Straighten all hair, including bangs. Then move your head firmly and spray the band paint, for an erect like a thatch of hair.

Main volume bob hairstyles

Cool 6 Night Edition Short Bob Hairstyles 04

This hairstyle for those of us who dream of a spectacular evening. Full volume, brushed back the waves give the feeling of luxury.

Styling: Small consignments of spin the hair from roots to tips on quite a thick curling iron. So the resulting curls slowly comb back comb with thick teeth, at the same time by spraying hair lacquer. Tilt your head back and once again capture the whole of a large amount of paint.

Attractive asymmetry bob hairstyles

Cool 6 Night Edition Short Bob Hairstyles 05

Bangs, which covers one eye, it is known that most intrigued by what you don’t see. The hairstyle is the margin at the ends, so it becomes ultra-feminine.

Styling: Crest applies on damp hair mousse from roots to ends. Then dry the hair, placing them on a round brush. Float high bandwidth for large volume. At the end of the make a parting deeply with the side of the head, moving fringe to the other side of the face, so that it hid one eye. Catch and keep the paint from the outside and from the bottom.

Waves bob hairstyles

Cool 6 Night Edition Short Bob Hairstyles 06

With dividing the middle of the head geometric bob retains its line, but gentle undulation adds to its serenity. To look modern, its tip should not be overclocked.

Styling: get a curling iron or straightener and is holding it vertically down – the wind on it a single strand of hair. Try to make it so that the wave appeared only in its central part. Tips are sure to leave a simple! Comb through hair comb with a large spacing of teeth and take a parting in the middle of the head. At the end of the spray the hairstyle suitable spray shine.

Bob in the rock – star lifestyles

Cool 6 Night Edition Short Bob Hairstyles 07

Up-swept bangs make polite bob takes on rock aggressiveness. Such a hairstyle like also each of us needing to slim face because it makes the face seems longer.

Styling: Straighten hair iron. Pick up the bangs and put at the base of the powder suitable volume. Comb it back and firmly attach your varnish.


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