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Black Cat Statue: The Meaning and Uses of the Feng Shui


Black Cat Statue: The Meaning and Uses of the Feng Shui

In a variety of modern interiors, we can often see a black cat statue.

Its characteristic features are the unreasonably long neck, proud stance, and rigid look. Because of this, people often associate with a strict and dangerous animal, which at any moment can attack anyone who approaches it. But is it really so? Is it worth it to be afraid of such an ornament and should it be necessary to use it when decoration of the interior?

Black cat as the embodiment of an ancient Egyptian goddess

The history of cats worships dates back to ancient Egypt. People then firmly believed in the fact that all the cats dropped from heaven the all-powerful goddess Bast. They are identified with the symbols of the sun and fertility and are believed to bring joy, amusement, and comfort to the home.

The Egyptians treated them so after the death they were necessarily mummified and burial in separate cemeteries destined for funeral cats. They would also shave their eyebrows and mourn the cat for 70 days.

Today such a cult, fortunately, is no longer there, but figurines depicting the Egyptian black cat – the Bast goddess symbol – are preserved and become quite popular. As a few thousand years ago, people still believe that they are able to free the house of negativity, replacing it with a positive Ki energy.

How to use a cat to Feng Shui?

Despite the fact that the black cat in many countries is associated with a bad crash symbol, Feng Shui claims that the figures of all cats considerably reduce the strained situation in the house and give the tenants a positive mood.

To achieve this, you must carefully monitor where this statue will stand. So, if you are located in the southeast part of the house, it will strengthen the wealth zone. If you choose the northeast – visible improvements will be visible at work and the business sphere. In addition, the cat should be clean and stand where it is most needed. However, this should not be a bedroom, a toilet or a bathroom – in these rooms, cats rarely bring happiness and, on the contrary, become negative and destructive talismans.

In addition to the black cat proudly sitting on the hind legs, today you can find figures of black pussy or cats with several children. All of them, although not a strong source of power, represent positive talismans that can be placed anywhere in the house.

In the Feng Shui is especially respected the eastern cat Maneki-Neko, which brings money to happiness and wealth. Therefore, before you buy a cat statue for your home, consider what is more appropriate for you and why you need it.

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