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Beauty Products for Summer Enjoyment


Beauty Products for Summer Enjoyment

The weather is somehow more autumn, but this does not prevent me from swimming in summer scents, wearing summer colors, and in general, saying that I have no idea how it is outside. Therefore, in today’s post, I want to share with you some things ideal for these “summer” days.

Caudalie travel set

Small but perfect! A set in which everything you need to care for a person on the go, or all you want to try out of one of my favorite French brands.

There is a lightweight Face Cream, Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet Cream ( here I also wrote about the richer version of this cream, the same line, only for dry skin), then Instant Detox Mask – a face mask with a clay that is light and gently cleanses and narrows The pores, their famous Beauty Elixir , a multifunctional spray that reduces the pores, gives a glimmer and a makeup, a micellar water bottle, and, finally, a mini version of their most famous eye cream – Premier Cru The Eye.

Nivea Sunshine Love shower gel

If you like the Nivea Sun product, their sunscreen products – that’s the smell I’ve been living with for years for years, because it’s my (very white), my favorite cream with a high SPF – then you’ll be unlucky when you smell this shower gel. It is identical to the scent as the Nivea Sun sunflower milk, quite intense, and after the shower, you will still smell the sea, the summer and the beach for a long time. Literally – a holiday in a bottle, this is this gel 🙂

Biotherm milk for the body

After Biotherm Aqua Gelee – a wonderful gel-cream for the body that smells greatly, quickly absorbs but still nourishes the skin, I tried the classic Biotherm milk for the body, and I am equally thrilled. The refreshing citrus scent, which is long after application, keeps on the skin, a lightweight texture that is easy to apply, quickly absorbs and leaves the skin beautifully silky – if this summer you decide to treat yourself with some fine milk for your body, my suggestion is exactly this.

Bioderma Photoderm Max Aquafluide SPF 50+

For the first time I try this Biodermin variant of sun protection for oily and combined skin, and I can tell you that I am overwhelmed. As he promises, light textures, easy to smear, leave no trace and quickly absorbs. After it, the face of the touch is not completely matte, but it is neither greasy nor sticky. It has a very mild smell that does not remain on the skin. Excellent SPF fluid for us who tortures with fatty t-zone.

Uriage Water Mist SPF 30

Another lightweight variant of protection from the sun in the form of sprays, which I am delighted with and which I have already written in a separate post. Superb spray and fine, ultra-light texture with a wonderfully refreshing scent, make this spray ideal for taking in a purse and for applying and for makeup, for example. A super cool thing for the summer in the city!

MAC Fix + face spray

I had this planetary known spray before, but I admit that I used it poorly. I thought it was just a spray makeup sponge, which I do not really remember very often. However, a couple of weeks ago, I was at the event that hosted the MAC and where our make-up artist Zlata Blagojević showed us the ways in which this product can be used, and you know what: I really did not expect just such a multifunctional product. For more ideas how can you use MAC Fix +, see Jelena’s post on this topic!

I wanted to tell you that as a fixer, it is not the best solution for my greasy t-zone during the summer heat, but it’s a great news that now there is a matte version of this famous spray, which I will surely try soon and let you know the impressions.

Bare Minerals Powder

I am a great fan of mineral powders. And this is already so for years, I do not use them permanently, but I have stages when they are mandatory. I do not know how and why, but they love my skin. With mineral powders that I have used so far, my skin is neither dry nor greasy, and even some of them are much better placed in the t-zone under the control of classic and even maturing powders. This is the case with Bare Minerals, which I longed to try, but somehow it just got to me right now. In any case, I love his power of upgrading and overlapping, persistence, feeling on the skin. Soon I’ll write you a special post in which I will write in more detail about mineral powders.

Inglot x Jennifer Lopez lip gloss

And I mentioned this shine on the blog, it’s a collection that Inglot created in collaboration with Jennifer Lopez. It’s still a thing in the collection I love (my favorite is a bronzer and a powdered powder), but for this post, I extract lip gloss because it completely unexpectedly delighted me. I am not a lover of lip gloss, but this shade, pigmentation, comfort on my lips, fine durability for one gloss and above all, the fact that it is applied quickly and easily and gives the finest and neat appearance without it seeming that you have been particularly struggling. This last is what sets it apart.

By Terry Sun Designer Palette – Hippy Chic

This is probably the most beautiful palette of blush I’ve ever seen. And not only that, the colors are perfectly pigmented, silky, some matt, some satin, and some are so fine. Plus packaging, plus this design, plus these colors… I do not know what to say to you, except that I’m in love. This brand is not available with us, but it can be ordered from some foreign online shops. Contact me if you are interested in online shopping, addresses from which I order cosmetics and my experience.

There are still some nice products I’ve discovered lately and I use them every day this summer, but I’ll write about them in some of the following posts.

What have you discovered this summer and what is the most important thing you use?

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