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An Easy 10 Minutes Exercise Daily and You Will be Surprised with the Result


Do not be afraid to try this: Keep your legs raised at least 10 minutes a day and the result will surprise you

We are living the life at full speed and staying in constant motion. That is the reason today, numerous individuals highly value effective exercises that do not require a lot of effort and time. For example, we have found an exercise to help you release fatigue and drastically enhance your mood in just 20 minutes per day.

Raise your legs upright

Pick an agreeable position close to the wall and put a pillow or soft roller below the bottom of the back.

Lift your feets and extend them to the wall. Your hands should be relaxing towards the sides of your body.

Stay in this place for 15-20 minutes.

It’s important that your clothes do not obstruct blood circulation. Decide to wear the most comfortable clothes. Clearly, lying unmoving on the floor for 20 minutes doesn’t seem like customary exercise. It’s more like yoga or relaxation techniques. However, this game has many advantages for the circulation system.

The only limitation of this exercise is a recent or chronic leg or spinal injury. In addition, it seems that many beginners make the following mistakes: lying too far from the wall or too closely connected to it or placing a too soft roller under the door. Such activities can prompt tension of the muscles and can meddle with the leveling of the spine. If you regularly work on such lifting legs, you will feel very good changes very soon.

1. The feeling of weight in your feet will vanish

Feeling of swelling and weight in the legs is associated with poor circulation. For other reasons, this may be caused by a defect in the heart or kidneys, excessive weight or unhealthy diet. Of course, you must determine the cause of the swelling and treat it. However, this activity may turn into a decent expansion to the fundamental treatment because raising legs contribute to improving blood circulation.

2. Anymore you will be relieved of the feeling of tiredness when you wear high heels

Nobody will deny that high heels make a woman excellent. However, if you like to wear this type of footwear all the time, it can be bad for your health. Ladies frequently feel tired when wearing high heels due to poor distribution of the body weight. After a long day in the sticks, it would be great to raise your legs for some time. When you return home, remove your shoes, lift up your legs, and unwind.

The thing is, your legs get extremely tired before the day’s over. You should give them some rest by changing the situation of your body and enhancing the venous channel. In addition to this activity, you can lightly massage your feet and a warm bath could be perfect.

3. Your digestion will be even better

Lifting your feet improves the functioning of your stomach. The supply of blood to the internal organs is enhanced by the drainage of blood from the legs. Smooth muscles responsible for peristalsis of the stomach become tinted (peristalsis is a muscle contraction required to move digestive foods). At the same time, increased blood circulation improves digestive system performance. If you exercise regularly, most of the nutrients you consume are quickly absorbed.

4. Your nervous system will not be stressed

In this, your position will be more relaxed, and then you will breathe more air. The body tissue receives more oxygen and blood circulation improves, supplying all internal organs with nutrients. This is useful for the nervous system and reduces muscle tension.

5. Your sleep quality will improve

One of the reasons for insomnia is the recurring unpleasant feeling in the legs (goose, burn or swelling). Regular lifting legs will help you to deal with these symptoms. Moreover, the brain will get more oxygen through proper breathing and improved blood circulation. Your dream is getting deeper and better. Staying in this position is similar to meditation, which means that a person does not interfere with small problems, keeping the body and mind in peace.


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