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5 Small Apartment Transformation | There is a Place for Everything


Small Apartment Transformation Subject with Great Sample Projects

Apartment transformation: can a housing area of 49, 35 or even 14 m² be comfortable and functional? Foreign designers, again and again, prove: how it can be! And they helping this by the methods of space transformation.

1. Flat-Transformation with an Area of 39 m²

Place on a modest square a full bedroom, an office, a kitchen, a dining area for 12 guests, a guest room, a recreation and reading area, and find a place to store a bicycle? Really!

This was proved by American millionaire Graham Hill, who preaches the ideology of life in small apartments and settled in such apartments in New York. By investing in the arrangement of their homes about 300 thousand US dollars, the man created a multifunctional space for a comfortable life.

By the way, the owner of the apartments adheres to an ecological way of life. Natural materials are used in decoration and furnishings. The kitchen is equipped with a composter for recycling household waste, and the windows of this small apartment have solar panels.

2. Apartments with an Office of 32.5 m²

With comfort settled on 39 square meters, Graham Hill did not calm down. In another project, they presented to the public an even more compact housing with equally wide functions. On a modest square, there was a place for a dining area for 10 people, a guest room for two, and a spacious home office.

The secret is in the transformation: one room is able to instantly turn from a bedroom into a living room, into a dining room, and into a business meeting room. The other, if necessary, is transformed from a home office into a bar or into a guest bedroom.

3. Miniature Studio of 14 m²

Specialist’s studio ETT Rom TIL for sure with a grin looking at the projects of their colleagues who have such a “luxury“, as 35-39 square meters. After all, they managed to create a comfortable living space of only 14 m²! Without sacrificing any kitchen, nor a full bed, nor storage systems.

4. From the Studio in a Two-Piece House – 37 m²

The staff of Architecture Workshop decided not to waste time on trifles – and provided a whole wall-transformer in one of their projects.

Thanks to this from a spacious studio apartment can be transformed into a two-room apartment with a bedroom and a living room. And all this within 37 square meters.

5. Three Bedrooms and Two Bathrooms on 49 m²

Is it possible to place three bedrooms on a less than 50 square meters? Two bathrooms, a full kitchen-dining room, and an entrance-living room? Apartments Xadrez Uma Collective in Lisbon in practice show that this is real.

The designers took the dilapidated apartment of the old foundation and turned it into a functional student housing. Now it is possible to accommodate three people in this studio apartment.

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