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12 Beautiful and Easy Budget Interior Design Ideas


12 Ideas for Creating an Interior that does not hit the Wallet

Glossy surfaces, furniture in the style of mid-century modern and 10 more useful ideas – we tell how to make a beautiful interior without compromising the family budget.

1. Glossy Surfaces

Glossy surfaces in the decoration of the room or furniture can add airspace and create the impression of an expensive interior.

The main thing is not to overdo it. So, if you have chosen a glossy tile for decorating an apron in the kitchen, the facades should be simple and matt. This combination is most advantageous.

If you talk about budget furniture – choose options from MDF, covered with enamel. In the ratio of price and quality – this is the leader.

2. Brass and Copper Parts

Brass and copper with their muted golden tint are able to add to the interior of chic and luxury. We have already shown universal examples of how to use these colors.

3. Crystal Chandelier

A universal way to make the interior beautiful. In addition, the purchase of a single accessory will not hit hard on the wallet. It is better to use such a move in a room with high ceilings – from 2.7 meters. Otherwise, there is a risk of making the ceiling visually lower.

4. Flooring Board

The floorboard is a budget variant of finishing the floor from natural wood species, most often pine or larch. Prices per square meter start from 400 rubles, which is generally comparable to the cost of a conventional laminate.
But the beauty and warmth of a real tree cannot be compared with its substitutes.

5. Furniture from a Tree

And here you can find budget solutions from the mass market. For example, IKEA has a series of furniture that is made from solid wood but is affordable enough. Similar rulers can be found in the mass market, you just need to set a goal.

6. Tile-Ham

This is a classic, which should be adhered to if there is a goal to make a nice and budget. Fashionable hexahedrons or tiles in the form of fish scales, of course, are beautiful, but they cost a lot. In addition, the tavern-boar can be laid in many ways to bring something new and interesting to the interior.

7. Furniture in the Style of Mid-Century Modern

The restored pieces of furniture that you got from your grandmother or parents, the ways to make the interior more beautiful, but at no extra cost.

We advise you to pay attention to furniture in the style of mid-century modern. Today this direction is especially important.

8. Textiles

Perhaps, this is the simplest and budgetary way to make the interior beautiful and complete. Especially considering the abundance of assortment in an accessible mass market. Experiment with prints, materials and use different textures. But about this further.

9. Different Textures

In the continuation of the topic of textiles and not only. One of the latest trends of the beautiful interior is different textures. For example, velvet in the neighborhood with washed flax or fringe. Such solutions look stylish and revitalize the interior. Once again, we advise you to pay attention to the mass market – where it is more than realistic to find budgetary and beautiful solutions.

10. An Accent Wall of Wallpaper with a Pattern

Finishing beautiful wallpaper with a picture will result in a decent amount … if you cover all the walls with them. It is much cheaper to design only an accent wall in this way. For this purpose, even a few rolls can suffice, but the room will look much more interesting.

11. Wall Decoration

Do you know how the majority of our interiors differ from the western ones? Lack of decoration on the walls. Surprisingly, we began to actively decorate the walls with posters, paintings, photos, and mirrors just recently.

While this is a simple and budgetary way to make the interior truly beautiful and complete.

12. Handmade

The usual cheapest chest of drawers from IKEA can be turned into a beautiful and stylish piece of furniture. It is enough to show imagination and work a little. The same is about lighting.
There are many interesting ideas for lamps that are easy to make by themselves. When the budget is limited, it’s time to create.

Bonus: things that are better not to save

No matter how we try to make a beautiful interior for a little money, there are things worth spending. First, the plumbing. Quality pipes and plumbing fixtures are the future of your repair. The sofa is easy to replace, the wallpaper – paint again, but the bathroom repair requires a lot of inconvenience and investment. Do not skimp.

Secondly, the storage system. Think about them as carefully as possible, as the disorder kills any interior beauty. By the way, dressing rooms are often cheaper than built-in large wardrobes. And in them, it is easy to make a filling according to their requirements and needs.

Third, the kitchen and its filling. We have already given practical advice on how to make a budget kitchen budget and looked for loopholes, on which you can save. This will help you make the interior beautiful without a gold credit card.

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